Uncertainities III


Very happy to finally announce the publication of Uncertainties III from Swan River Press which includes a new collaborative story I wrote with Julia Rust, titled ‘TallDarkAnd.’

When Lynda Rucker invited us to submit a story, I was thrilled; Lynda is one of the writers who first taught me what modern dark fiction is all about, so to be included in this amazing and beautiful anthology is a real honor. Very pleased to be in the same pages with so many wonderful writers like Matthew Bartlett, S.P Miskowsky, Adam Nevill, Robert Shearman, R.S. Knightly, Lisa Tuttle, Ralph Robert Moore, Tracey Fahey, Scott West, and Rosanne Rabinowitz. And it’s a special thrill to appear alongside Joyce Carol Oates, who’s done perhaps more than any other contemporary author to tear down the wall between horror and literary fiction.

Many thanks to Julia for your beautiful and powerful words, to Lynda for giving this strange story a wonderful home, to Tobia Makover for her lovely and haunting cover art, and to Brian Showers of Swan River Press for his support of the Uncertainties series, and all the beautiful books he helps bring into the world.

Uncertainties III will be published in September, but you can pre-order copies here.

Joining the Black Static Case Notes Team, September 2018


Thrilled and honored to report that I’m joining the ‘Case Notes’ team at Black Static magazine. My series ‘One Good Story’ will be appearing as a regular column in Black Static’s ‘Case Notes’ starting with the September 2018 issue. Black Static, in its earlier incarnation as Third Alternative, was where I was first exposed to the world of slipstream and “new horror” writing. It’s a beautiful publication, inside and out, so to have the opportunity to add my voice to it is a real pleasure. I’ll be more or less sticking to the format I’ve used on my website––a  short-form hybrid of personal essay and story review––touching on both older and contemporary works. (The essays will continue to be posted on my website some months after they appear in the magazine.) I’m honored to be appearing alongside fellow Case Notes columnists (and favorite writers) Lynda Rucker and Ralph Robert Moore. Many thanks to editor Andy Cox for bringing me onto the team. See you in September!


Supernatural Tales 38, Summer 2018

51AjkAbOVULVery pleased to announce that my story ‘Intruders’ is appearing in a special issue of Supernatural Tales, which will be released in print and on Kindle this July.

Supernatural Tales and its editor David Longhorn are giants of our genre (although David might object to that description). He’s been publishing and championing new writers working the boundaries between genre and literary fiction longer than anyone. This will be my third appearance in ST, and I’m as thrilled and grateful as the first time.


‘Intruders’ is a story I’m especially proud of. Although it acknowledges the reality of school shootings in America, its broader topic is the struggle to create a safe space for ourselves and our children, the bargains we make with the truth in order to protect the ones we care for, and how the truths we try to cover up will find ways to haunt us.

As always, David Longhorn has assembled a fine group of stories from a fine lineup of writers. Here is the TOC:

Supernatural Tales 38

Intruders’ by David Surface

‘Ghost Hunting’ by Jane Jakeman

‘St Magda’s Sunday Sermon’ by Katie McCal

‘Against the Dead’ by John Howard

‘Redriff’ by Michael Chislett

‘The Thirteenth Shelf’ by Stephen Cashmore

Supernatural Tales 38 is available here.


Nightscript III Reading at Lovecraft Bar


Last November, Julia and I had the great pleasure of participating in a panel discussion and reading at the Lovecraft Bar in NYC to celebrate the publication of Nightscript III. Joined by fellow Nightscript contributor Inna Effress, and hosted by Daniel Braum, it was a fantastic evening. Daniel is a wonderful host and a very nice man, as well as a fine writer. Julia Rust read her story ‘Young Bride’, I read ‘Something You Leave Behind’, and Inna (who flew in from LA) read her story ‘Liquid Air.’ We took questions from the audience, signed some copies, and had a wonderful time. Many, many thanks to all the good people who came out to join us, both old friends and new ones. And thanks to editor CM Muller for creating a good home for the stories we brought to life last night.



Nightscript III Featured on The Outer Dark


The Outer Dark podcast on This Is Horror features ‘A Strange and Darksome Night’, a panel discussion of Nightscript III and weird fiction with myself, Julia Rust, Inna Efress, and host Daniel Braum, as well as readings by myself, Julia, and Inna which took place at the Lovecraft Bar in NYC.

The wide-ranging discussion covers “starting points for defining the elusive Weird, how the author’s own works relate to Weird fiction, defying genre conventions, The Weird seeping into mainstream media, working with the supernatural or the ‘strange’ element in their stories, Robert Aickman who is an inspiration for the Nightscript series, the subconscious as ‘magic’, clueing in your muse, ‘major natural disasters’, night time logic, emotions invoked by their Nightscript III stories, the tension when the supernatural may or may not show up, their favorite stories from the anthology, sadness in horror stories, and changes in perspective when writers go Weird.”

Also featured is Scott Nicolay’s interview with Nightscript editor C.M. Muller.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Nightscript III In Des Lewis Gestalt Real-Time Reviews



As any writer in the genre of horror, weird, or dark fiction will tell you, to have your work written about by the incomparable Des Lewis is both an honor and a pleasure. Des Lewis’ “Real Time Reviews” are legendary, strangely beautiful and beautifully strange, real works of art in themselves. So it’s a thrill to find that Des Lewis has reviewed Nightscript III, story by story. He has some very kind things to say about my story, ‘Something You Leave Behind’, as well as good words for Julia Rust’s ‘Young Bride’, and stories by fellow contributors. Here’s a sample:

“Very much in tune with the many stories in the book, the Surface one may be the most exquisitely poignant example….with the onwardness to beat death, here expressed by Surface as “That person, the person we were, has to die…To make way for a new one…I think that’s why we keep moving around, looking for the right place…” Here, the couple, strangers to each other, but married for years, still in some strange love with each other, but separated by the skin that you shed each night…Unforgettably, incredibly sad while strangely uplifting.”


Nightscript III 


It’s a privilege to be appearing for a second time in the pages of Nightscript.  To be published alongside authors like Simon Stranzas, Charles Wilkinson, Daniel Braum, Clint Smith, Inna Effress, and Adam Golaski is a thrill…but it’s an extra-special thrill to appear for the first time in the same TOC as my wife Julia Rust, whose story ‘Young Bride’ also graces these pages.

My story, ‘Something You Leave Behind’ which appears in Nightscript III has been through many incarnations, but found its true form in this most recent version when I finally decided to open the wound in this tale of marital and personal disintegration and let the weirdness come in.

Editor C.M. Muller has quietly created one of the most outstanding publications in the genre of literary horror, and one of the handsomest literary journals around. He’s a true craftsman, working patiently and diligently with the highest standards, and the results are evident. Nightscript has received a lot of well-deserved critical acclaim, but my favorite has to be from the estimable Des Lewis, who referred to Nightscript as “Weirdness with truth at its heart.” Amen to that.

Copies of Nightscript III and its predecessors are available here.